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FA Administrations Since 1994

Since its Creation in 1994, Fako America has had five Executive Bureaus, from the pioneer administration of Mola Mbua Efange to the current admininstration of Mola Dibussi Tande. Each of these administrations has had to deal with different sets of challenges linked to the times. Some of these challenges have, however been common to all administrations.

Whatever the challenges and obstacles, every single FA administration has done its best to to move the organization forward. This section of the website is in honor of all those who have served Fako America.

May future generations learn from their failures and be inspired by their successes.

1994 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Interim National President - Mola Mbua Efange
Secretary – Mola Makuna Tande
Organizing Secretary – Iya Eposi Ngomba-Westbrook
Treasurer – Mola Vekima Efesoa

1995 (Washington, D.C.)

The mandate of entire caretaker team that was elected in Minnesota was extended for one more year.

1996 (Chicago, Illinois)

President - Mola Steve Ndely
Vice President – Mola Aaron Motoma
General Secretary – Iya Dada Nduma Lyonga
Treasurer – Mola Njoh Litumbe
Organizing Secretary – Mola Ponda Esu

1998 (East Orange, New Jersey)

President – Mola Jack Endeley
Vice President – Iya Nalowe Martin
Secretary – Iya Dada Lyonga
Treasurer – Mola Augustine Kange
Financial Secretary – Mola Namanga Mbuakoto
Organizing Secretary – Iya Catherine Mofoke

2000 (Washington, D.C.)

President - Iya Namondo Evakise
Vice President - Mola Dibussi Tande
Secretary - Mola Njoh Endeley
Treasurer - Iya Nalowe Martin
Financial Secretary - Mola Namanga Mbuakoto
Organizing Secretary - Mola Matike Lifaka

2002 (Atlanta, Georgia)

President – Mola Dibussi Tande
Vice President – Iya Efeti Kebbi
Secretary – Mola Njoh Endeley
Treasurer – Mola William Nganje
Director of Communications – Mola Henry Njie

2004 (Dallas, Texas)

July 2 - July 4

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