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Sammah Mbua

Please pardon me but I wish to ask or find out what future does Fako America have for us the Youths? Some of us feel like being a part of the whole show and not just being a part, but a visible one. I think our friends who are born here should be inculcated into the Bakweri Association and thier presence should be felt too. Once more thank you and congratulations for the great job going on.

Rachel Mojoko Ekinde

In light of what Mola Sammah Mbua said,even though this is not relating to his point directly, I really think the Bakweri youth in this association is very dormant. I don't believe it is due to neglect on both parties. I seriously think the older crowd should give room for the new, young and vibrant crowd to shake up the place a little. Moreover, the probability of pulling a good crowd toward this association seems much more imminent with Youth involved. I respect all the great effort our Elders are putting into this good cause, so it would even make it better to see them stand behind their youth, teaching them the ropes hands-on, and pushing them forward to even greater heights both for themselves and the overall good of this great association of ours! Nakoule, Iya Rachel(Mbamba Mojoko)

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