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Edwin-Daniel Ndoko

As the president of Fako Dallas host chapter of FA 04, and member of the FA board of Directors, I will like to say congratulations to Lady Mbango President of the DC Chapter and Mola Sam Moki FA President for a job well done in their organization of the 11th FA Convention. They produced one of the finest conventions ever seen in FA history.

I would also like to congratulate Mola Emil Mondoa for his civility in taking over 500 pictures of the convention activities. Not to forget Mola Dibussi for the good job he is doing in updating the Fako America web site

Mola, Edwin-Daniel Ndoko
President Fako Dallas
Host Chapter FA 04

Teke Ngomba

I have read with a lot of keen interest all the stories, and watched with almost total disbelief, the wonderful pictures of Bakweri solidarity in the USA. As a Bakwerian, it makes me immensely proud, immensely. Little do our people back home know that you uphold our culture and think about the development of our area so seriously. I am proud, I must say. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope the spirit goes on and on and on. As Mola Njoh Litumbe will say, "Oma Nanu"

Mola Teke Ngomba
Erasmus Mundus Masters Student
in Journalism and Media within Globalization
The Danish School of Journalism and the University of Aarhus, Denmark

Dickson Matute NJOKE

I very pleased with what you doing over they. this means the Bakweri culture will never die. Special greetings to my father David Njie Makongo, my uncle Dr. Lambert Mouko, Mola Sam Moki and the entire FakoAmerica.

Bwemenjoh Albert Liwonjo

I would begin by thanking all the FA members for the wonderful job they're doing both in Cameroon and in the united states to uphold and to promote the Bakweri man's culture and image.Not only are they doing that ,you guys have gone ahead to award schorships and financial aid to Bakweri young boys and girls in Cameroon and also providing didactic materials to some primary and secondary schools.Your efforts can't go unnoticed.Kudus to Fako America.
I'd like to thank everybody who contributed in any little way to make all of these possible.
Also,Emil you're doing a great job keep it up men.

Mola Bwemenjoh Albert Liwonjo
Carbon Sequestration student,
Chemical analyst

matute rudolf esombi

i will love to know more about the fako programme. In the university of buea we the bakweria students are sent behind instead the bamenda students are moving ahead because they know what to do help bakweria grow in ub

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