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Mola Ekosse Lucas

I enjoy reading fakoamerica news.Keep with this spirit.I like the scholarship programme.

Efetti Ikome Josephine

Just want to say thanks for all what you guys have been doing over there for fellow brothers and sisters.
I also need your help and just hope that I get a better forum so I can let you know about it.
Once more thaks!

Ndiva-Mongoh Limunga

First I say " KEEP IT UP' That is to mean keep the good work on.
Fako America has done a lot towards improving the education of the Bakweri child. Once more we say thanks.But we are now facing some problems.Post graduate fees have been increased drastically at our lone anglosaxon university and knowing how hard times are back here in Cameroon, as well as abroad,I believe that we just need these scholarships more than ever before.
Once again, I say,Fako America is doing a great job. KEEP IT UP!

Cameroon Limbe Fako Student Association(CLFSA)

Accept Warmth greetings extended with glee and words of accalade to you all from Cameroon Limbe Fako Student Association.
we take this great opportunity to wish you the best of your conception even as we hope that one day our common initiatives shall be accepted in a more global scale.
We are also happy to formally inform you that we have sent you a mail by post which states our legal,approved and recognised existance and achievements.
Dear Fako members abroad we permit us suggest to you that it would also be a good idea u you extent your assistance to association shearing your motto.we would end here while hope to read from you and as we trust you will get our mails posted to u.



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